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At Cloister Wash & Lube, we are proud of our commitment to the local communities we serve. We are devoted to promoting vitality and well-being in our surrounding neighborhoods by supporting local non-profit organizations. Donations will be given in the form of wash tickets; no cash donations will be made. To apply for a donation, please fill out the following online application completely. Organizations must apply at least four weeks in advance of when they require the donation.

Today's Date
Date of Event
Type Of Event
Name Of Organization
Non-Profit Identification Number
Contact Name
Address where donation should be mailed

Street Address



Phone Number
Email Address
What will the proceeds from the event be used for?
How are you promoting your event?
Who will be attending your event?
How will Cloister be recognized?

PLEASE NOTE: A completed application is not an agreement to honor your request. Donations to non-profit organizations will not be given more than one time within the calendar year. A previous donation does not guarantee a donation will be offered again for a specific event or donation amount. DUE TO THE QUANTITY OF REQUESTS THAT WE RECEIVE, WE ASK, PLEASE, NO PHONE CALLS.

By accepting a donation from our company, you are giving us permission to publish your organization as recipient of a donation. Political organizations are not eligible for donations out of respect for the wide variety of beliefs of our customers. While we would like to be able to meet every request, we must focus our effort on those that provide the most benefit to Cloister Wash & Lube and the communities we serve. We appreciate the time and efforts of your organization and wish you success with your event.

Cloister received the 2000 International Carwash Association Community Service Leadership Award.